Why Is CCTV Monitoring Crucial in Pre-Schools?


Safety is a major matter of concern these days. The increase in the rate of security breach has compelled people to install security cameras at home. One of the reasons to install such surveillance systems at home is to protect kids from kidnappers. Parents are always concerned about their kids’ security. After all, kids have no knowledge of the real world behind the beautiful scenery.

Parents who send their kids to pre-schools are scared about the environment as their little ones are away from them. There are several cases registered regarding the ill-treatment of children at schools. These accidents have made parents aware of the situation. They just don’t want to drop their kids to their pre-school and leave. They want to be assured that their kids are safe and secure. Here are the reasons why  CCTV monitoring is crucial in pre-schools:

Helps the Head of the Institution in Monitoring the Teachers

There have been cases wherein teachers are caught treating the kids bad. Having CCTV in every room will help the head of the institution monitor the teachers. It can also be used as a way to suggest the teacher how to be better.

Helps in Monitoring the Kids

Kids are playful. They have no idea about what is good or bad. With the help of a CCTV camera, you can monitor the children’s activities throughout the day. It can also be used to improve the kids’ behavior.

Parents Can Get Live Access to What Their Kids Are Doing

Providing live access to the CCTV cameras of the pre-school will make it easier for the parents to trust the school. It builds confidence in the minds of people that their kids are safe in the pre-school.

Assist and Detect Crime Within and Around the Campus

CCTV cameras can be used to monitor the activities within and around the pre-school. It will be helpful in detecting and avoiding serious incidents on the campus. It can be considered as a witness in the case of crime or unauthorized activities.

Children spend quite a lot of time in their pre-schools. As they cannot differentiate between good and bad, they are more vulnerable to be left alone. Only a CCTV camera can keep track of the kids’ actions. However, CCTV camera footages must be used responsibly and not as a remote spy. If you have access to your kids’ pre-school’s CCTV footage, make sure that you don’t seize their liberty to be themselves.

Clare Louise

The author Clare Louise