Understanding industrial architecture: Getting help with commercial projects!


With industrial revolutions, the building needs of various businesses and industries have changed and evolved. The process of designing and constructing a food plant is rather very different from creating a building for plastic manufacturing. Every industry is unique, and so are the architecture needs. Expectedly, industrial architecture became a segment of its own. Names like architecte industriel Stendel + Reich specifically deal in this sector and help commercial clients in getting the production facility and premises that they need.  Now, the big question is how do you find the best industrial architect? Here’s our quick take.

The basics of industrial architecture

Every industry is unique, and even within the same one, businesses operating within it may have diverse requirements with regards to premises. When we talk of industrial architecture, we are focused on the specifics of that particular industry. It is more than important to keep in mind that not industrial architects deal in similar projects. Some are just focused on one or more industries, and they work in sync with the needs of the project. Since requirements vary, the approach to industrial architecture also varies and is based on practical and functional aspects, compared to residential projects, where aesthetics are often as important as practical requirements.

Finding a company

When you are looking for a firm that specializes in industrial architecture, you have to consider what they have done in the part. The portfolio of a company and the number of industries it has worked in are aspects that need attention. Reviewing their recent work and range of projects that are comparable to yours is important, and if required, you can even ask for references. In case of industrial architecture, it is important to focus on specifics, as what you expect from the project, and there must be a detailed discussion with the concerned architect firm as how they plan to implement these requirements.

Over the years, industrial architecture has come a long way, and it is more about achieving specific goals that pertain to the concerned business. Architects that work for specific industries, often use case studies and practical problems to come up with solutions, and if you need anything that’s unique to your premises, you can always discuss things further. Go by experience and expertise when it is about industrial architecture, because only those two aspects help in shaping up such projects. Check online and find industrial architect firms near you!

Carol Gilmore

The author Carol Gilmore