The importance of speed hump in maintaining the safety of roads


School zone, as well as other crowdy places, is the most important place which one must take care of. The drivers drive their vehicles so fast that it may cause accidents and injure students and other people. It can also take lives of them if not proper measures are taken.  Traffic Logix is offering with speed hump which can reduce the chances of accidents in such crowdy areas.

Speed Humps

There was a recycling of rubber speed humps by Traffic Logix. This is one of the most important equipment to calm the traffic solutions. According to the width of the road, the installation takes place. They mainly deal with the situation of slowing the cars down. The speed humps are ideal for residential roads and have the capability of slowing down the cars. It can slow down the cars to 10-20 mph.

The installation of speed hump must take place in series in order to increase its efficiency. They are the best at placing mid-intersection. Speed humps are made of interlocking units which can snap together in a simple manner. Traffic Logix speed humps are very useful. They are easy and are quick to install. There are basically two different heights. One is 3’’ and the other is 4’’. The installation according to length is 7’ and 14’. They can effectively slow down the cars and so they ensure safety to the neighbourhood roads. There are markings on the speed humps which takes place during the time of making. Reflecting materials are in white or yellow squares. White arrows are also there as a reflective material.

Some of the important and unique features of speed humps

Some important features of speed hump include-

  • There are basically compels having curve shape which is having the capability of lowering down the speed of cars.
  • According to the design point of view, they are having interlocking, puzzle piece design.
  • They are made in such a way that they become highly visible to the drivers. Highly visible along with a bright highway tape.
  • It does not cause any kind of harm to the environment and is basically environment-friendly.
  • The most important point is that it is easy and quick to install.
  • You can easily customize the sizing and taping of the speed hump.

So all these features make it an important part of the traffic safety equipment for ensuring safety in roads.

Clare Louise

The author Clare Louise