How to choose the right sports trophies?


FIFA 2018 World Cup is here and it is the right time to talk of sports trophies.

No other happiness can equal the gleam of success on an athlete’s face as he holds his sports trophy aloft triumphantly. The symbolism of success is manifested accurately only by sports trophies. This is why sports has been associate with shields, cups and  trophies since the advent of the Greek civilization.

Why do we need sports trophies?

Sports trophies are a must in order to

  •  Recognize and appreciate the talent of the winning individual.
  •  To motivate the other sportsmen to perform similarly and excel.
  •  To create an indelible victory moment for the victor of the game
  •  To create a lasting record of the individual or team’s achievement
  •  To  preserve the memory of the success for generations.

Types of Sports Trophies

Sports Trophies are immensely popular in

  •   Individual sports like Tennis, Table Tennis, Karate etc
  •   Team sports like Football, Basketball, hockey, Cricket, etc
  •   Indoor Games like Chess, Billiards ,Snooker etc.
  •   Outdoor games like Golf and Polo.
  •   Martial Arts like Karate, Judo, Taekwondo etc.
  •    Performing arts like – Acting, singing, Dancing, Theatre etc.

Sports Trophies are given for individual performers as a mark of special recognition or a “Rolling Trophy” is awarded to the team.

How to choose the right trophy?

Awarding a trophy is an appreciable gesture but it is truly worth the praise when it is chosen right. Here are some tips to choose the right trophy.

  • Know the sport well

A sports trophy must reflect the unique quality of the sport. In order to customize the trophy according to the sport, a considerable knowledge of the sport is required. For example,  baseball and cricket may look similar but there is a subtle difference in the type of bat used which makes the trophy distinctly different for both sports. So before you order or design a trophy, learn something about the sport as well. If you get your sports trophies ordered from  Professional specialists, they will ensure that the sports trophy matches the sport to the finest detail.

  • Size the trophy to suit the winner

Get the sports trophy designed in size to suit the winner. you cannot award a dwarf trophy to a tall person or a giant trophy to a smaller person.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you cannot alter the standard size of the trophy for team tournaments.

  • Weight the trophy should match the winner’s stature

In sports, everything little detail counts. A heavy trophy is awarded only to veterans or distinguished persons of exceptional ability. You cannot hand a hefty trophy to an amateur or newcomer to the game.

  • Colour and shade of the trophy

In sports, the top 3 colours are gold, silver and bronze. Apart from this, some sports teams might have their own preferred colours. Nowadays  wooden trophies are given for some sports with metal plaques bearing the name of the winner. Careful attention to colour and shade details is necessary to design the right trophy.

  • Unique design

Sports trophies are noticeable only when their design is unique. Look among the competitors and see what designs prevail. With the help of your Trophy specialist, create a unique one that stands out.

  • Pay attention to details

The sports trophy must be printed with the name of the organization conducting the event or the  trophy awardees, the name of the winner, name of sponsors, year of winning etc. Pay specific attention to these details to avoid spelling errors. Nearly 30% of the people who shop online for trophies commit such silly mistakes. Ensure that you are not one of them.

  • Quality counts

Choose premium quality material for the trophy by choosing a genuine supplier with good reputation.

  •  Ergonomics of the trophy

When you choose the trophy, select a design which is easy to hold and carry and raise aloft .

  • Select the right supplier

Even if you shop online for sports trophies, ensure that you procure them from a seasoned Trophy specialist known for their creative design, skilful expertise and timely delivery.

A Sports trophy is an award of excellence and its quality should be befitting its status. Choose the right Trophy supplier to get the best quality ones always.

Heather McWilliams

The author Heather McWilliams