3 Things to Do to Take Your Career to the Next Level


There is no reason why you can’t have the career of your dreams; however, it isn’t just hard work that is going to get you there. You also need to employ some strategic steps to ensure that you come out ahead.

If this sounds like something you are struggling with, read on for three things you should do to take your career to the next level.

  1. Map out your dream career.

Before you dive head-first into executing your plan to take your career to the next level, you want to dedicate some time to envisioning where exactly you want to go. After all, there is no point in throwing yourself into the wind if you aren’t sure how to direct the sails.

Often touted by some of the world’s most successful people, career mapping is something that more people need to get on board with — it is an essential step in ensuring you have a job you love. Think of it this way: You are the sole artist of your life, and you have the ability to decorate the canvas exactly how you want it to look.

Without letting your past dictate your future, take the time to devise a map of your life that illustrates the future you want. Make sure to incorporate your attainments, your profession, your relationships, your financial goals, your hobbies, and more.

If you are unhappy in your current position, you want to switch industries entirely, you want to research jobs in Abu Dhabi, or you are just looking to climb up the ladder in your firm, keep in mind that nothing is forever, and use this time to plan how you are going to reach your dream job and position.

  1. Work with a recruitment agency.

Frequently, after spending time career mapping, many people don’t know how to make their next step happen. Perhaps you don’t have an “in” within the particular industry you are looking to become a part of, or you don’t know anyone in the geographical location where you want to work.

Whatever the reason, if you are looking to boost your career, then you may want to opt to work with a recruitment agency.

While a recruitment agency can’t tell you how your career should progress, they can give you plenty of options. After all, they have access to areas of the job market that you may not be in a position to access on your own. If you don’t know how to get your foot in the door at a company or aren’t entirely sure what jobs are available, then a recruitment agency can be of massive benefit to you and your career.

Not only do they specialize in creating long-lasting relationships with firms and candidates, but they also know how to operate in a hyper-connected world which allows you to search for jobs in all corners of the globe.

In other words, you don’t need to limit yourself to your hometown; you can also be in the know regarding the latest vacancies in Dubai.

  1. Put on your networking hat.

No matter what industry you are in, you can never predict what opportunities networking can potentially bring you. One of the essential ingredients in the salad of success, those who are continually networking are likely to be in a better position to take their career to the next level — quicker.

No matter where you are in your career path, you want to be making new connections in your industry as often as you can. You never know when a relationship will prove worthwhile! There are plenty of ways to network; however, the best way to approach the task is to do it naturally. The more organic your professional relationships, the more likely they are to be fruitful.

It is better to think of networking as connecting — with that mindset, you are more likely to have interactions that are genuine and honest.

Even if boosting your career is the last thing on your mind at the moment, still, endeavour to grow your network by three people every week. This could be by reaching out to a thought leader in your industry on social media, attending a networking event, asking to take a potential mentor out for coffee, or commenting on a blog post.

All these small interactions add up, and as long as you strive to contribute value to your network, then your network will reciprocate the support.


David Mackenzie, a recruitment professional with over 20 years’ experience in the field and a record of entrepreneurial accomplishment, is Managing Director and Head of HR at Mackenzie Jones. As the Group MD, David is responsible for the overall direction of the Mackenzie Jones Group, including Mackenzie Jones, MumsAtWork, MENA Solutions, Simply Digital and ThinkTech.

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The concept of life settlement can make you wonder, but once you know the whereabouts of it, you will find the life settlement process even much easier to understand. This whole process can be fragmented into steps that you can follow to get life settlement exchange:

  1. Analysis- If you’re planning to get a life settlement, the first step is to analyze what kind of policy you own, and whether it’s eligible for a life settlement or not. Also, quickly go through other criteria of eligibility to have a clearer view. You can also have an estimate about how much money your policy will bring to you.
  2. Research- Once you’re done with the estimates, you will know the amount of money that can be incurred by selling your insurance policy. This is when the next step of this process pops in, which is to find out the person who will do this job for you. It’s very important to do thorough research on the best life settlement providers or brokers. You may look for such service providers by doing critical research online.
  3. Information gathering- This is the real task as the whole deal depends upon the amount of information being gathered. Life settlement providers or brokers specifically take care of this task. It includes collecting information about the kind of policy you own and your medical records. Before going any further, the policy’s worth is estimated depending upon the seller’s life expectancy.
  4. Deciding the offer- The life settlement provider or broker makes inferences depending upon the factors like your life expectancy and your policy’s death benefit value. Once the provider is done making inferences, he decides the offer amount and analyses whether the offer he is proposing is worth. Once he becomes sure, he would bring the offer right away for you to decide.
  5. Evaluating the offer- Once the life settlement provider or broker frames the offer, he would introduce and elucidate the offer to you. As he finishes up explaining, you have to decide depending upon how fair the offer seems to you or whether the offer proposed by your provider is worth taking into consideration. As soon as you decide upon it, you need to communicate to your life settlement provider.
  6. Closing package- As you agree to the offer, your life settlement provider or broker will bring a closed package to you, containing all the documents required to carry out the deal. He is also supposed to explain the documents, including the terms and conditions within the offer. Once you understand the terms and conditions of the offer, you and the other party is supposed to sign these documents officially as a mark of acceptance. As you finish signing, these documents will go back to your provider for further processing.
  7. Transfer of ownership- After processing all the documents, the provider sends them off to your insurance company as a request for transfer of ownership. Once the insurance company signs these documents, they are passed to an escrow agent. The documents will be kept safely by this agent until the whole process of transferring ownership gets completed.
  8. Acknowledging transfer of ownership- Once the transfer of ownership is recorded, a confirmation will be sent to you, your service provider and the agent. As the escrow agent receives the request, the funds will be released as a cash payment.

These are the steps involved in the process of selling your insurance policy to get a life settlement.

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How to Determine Forklift Capacity


When you’re planning to purchase a forklift, one of the most important things you first need to do is determine forklift capacity that meets your needs.

In order to find the weight capacity for your needs, you should first understand all about the limits. Ratings vary, with the actual size of the load you’re lifting being the top factor. But how is that actually determined?


A forklift’s gross capacity is rated according to the base chassis, with the capacity only rated for up to specific height in ideal conditions. However, these factors are rarely precise, and you never have ideal conditions. So, this capacity rating isn’t one to focus in on.


The net payload capacity is a better rating to consider because it’s much more precise and specific to every forklift. It factors in each distinct part of a forklift. That includes model, height of the mast, and the attachments included.

Keep in mind that the larger load and higher the lift you have, the lower a net capacity – or lift – you need. Capacities range from 3,000-50,000 pounds.


A forklift’s load center is the horizontal distance from the front of the load all the way to its center of gravity. This is the common standard for rating a forklift’s load capacity. According to the Industrial Standard Design Foundation, most forklifts have load centers at 24 inches.

Now that you know the difference between gross and net payload capacity and understand the ins and outs of a load center, think about what weight capacity you actually need. To determine forklift capacity, you can do this by determining these factors:

  • Weight of your average load
  • Height you need to lift loads
  • Width of your average aisle space
  • Hours per day and week you’ll use your forklift
  • Whether you’ll use the forklift inside or outside

Some of these factors may not be hard and fast. For instance, you should know whether your loads are generally the same size or they vary from load to load. If they fluctuate, go with the weight of your heaviest load to ensure the forklift can handle it.

The same is true for the height you lift. If you raise and lower loads on a regular basis, use the top height you lift to when considering your forklift needs.

When you do your research by knowing the factors involved in forklift designations, as well as understanding all of your needs, you will be fully prepared to find a machine that will help you get the job done.

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Strategic Relationship between Temp Agency And Companies


Temp agencies are those who provide you eligible staff at the most needed hour. These temp agencies worked with top level business management and development associations. They earn recognition from America Association of Staffing. For cost effective productivity an employer must be flexible,he must be employee focused. Some business owners are so rigid about their terms and conditions that they never bother about employee’s convenience. This tendency results in the lack of production and mismanagement. When you hire temp staff, temp agency is responsible for both. If staff is unsatisfied with owner’s behaviour staffing agency resolve the issue. If company is unsatisfied with working of employee staffing agencies takes the charge.

Why Temp Services Are need Of Hour?

Certainly from two decades business trends have been changing so far. Today it’s next to impossible to trust anyone for any responsible post. If somehow you get trustworthy candidate for crucial job post its difficult to retain them till the project lasts. Temporary agencies Phoenix take the charge to provide you trustworthy candidates for most sensitive job post.

For instance take the example of water Treatment Company. It takes almost one year to establish such company who provide fresh water to complexes. They need very much trained and tested candidates to undergo such responsible job. Water supply is a job which create havoc if disturbed even for few hours. If you are running such unit and you find employee after facing difficulties, they might leave you for some emergency matter at the peak of water supply management. You can imagine what mess a water supply company have to face. Hiring candidates for such crucial jobs for temp agency is always advisable. They provide you professionals whom you can trust. These candidates serves you until the project meets an end. Somehow if they leave job, temp company gives you instant replacement.

Role Of Temp Agency In Automotive Business

You can resolve by the name automotive business, a business depends upon the working of machines and spare parts. You can’t predict when automotive business faces emergency lack of staff. You don’t know which department will lack staff, production department or management. If any machine breaks down working at the peak hour of deadline, your business might suffer. You can call staffing company regarding automotive recruiters. They analysis your staffing need either you need a production staff or management staff.

They provide you at once candidate matching to your job need. In this way your production works goes on. If machinery fault is analysed they provide you mechanic who amend machinery. In this way only temp agency can evaluate the every corner of a business and find out from their labour pool, the best staff for the specific job. The working of temp agency is so motivated that you can call them after working hours they are 24/7 available. All you expect at the end is professionalism and relationship for life long. Temp agencies works in strategic manner to earn their fortune but in fact serving companies at most needed time.

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The Difference Between Collaboration and Teamwork


The job market, today, is very competitive and it often comes down to who conducts themselves the best in the interview.  You have walk into that room with a combination of confidence and humility that can be difficult to balance. But you also have to know what to say during the interview; and not only which words to use but also why you should use them.

For example, the word “collaboration” is a bit of a buzzword right now.  A lot of people use this word—you probably use it, too—but do you really know what it means? And, more importantly, do you know why it is such a buzzword right now?


To put it simply, “collaboration” is defined as:

  • the act of working with someone else (another person or organization) in order to produce or create something.

This might sound a lot like teamwork, but while similar, they are not, in fact, the same thing.  Teamwork is defined as:

  • the combined action of a group of people, especially when it improves efficiency and/or efficacy

Grammatically, the terms are different because one is a verb and the other is a noun.  More specifically, though, collaboration is something that you do, typically, to achieve an end result (especially when that end result is something you may not have been able to do as a single entity.  Teamwork, on the other hand, typically refers to working together to achieve a desired expectation.

For example, you might collaborate on a project in order to capitalize on each person’s skills and strengths to get a better result than each person would have achieved on their own.  Teamwork, however, more accurately refers to all individuals working as a single unit in order to achieve the most desired result.


The biggest difference between collaboration and teamwork is that a team usually has a coach or facilitator.  Collaborators, on the other hand, typically do not.  Essentially, then, a team works together under the guidance of a leader while collaborators operate without a goal, hopefully instinctively knowing which strengths each person possesses.


It may seem counterintuitive but Renaudexec employers would have rather have collaborators than team players. Or rather, collaborators are more apt to understand teamwork than team players are to understand collaboration.  Employers look for workers who can follow leadership but can also work with other people autonomously without always needing leadership.

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Steps You Need to Take to Improve the Performance of Your Web Software


There are a few steps you need to take to improve the performance of your web software. Remember, before putting a web application in production, or when delivering a significant update, it is vital to ensure that the software is set up correctly and that the deployed infrastructure can offer the best possible performance to meet all the users’ expectations. Also, for more information on this subject, do not hesitate to download some white papers.

Remember, the volume of data collected complicates the analysis of the results. However, there are still sites deployed in production without a test phase on the pretext that the application is working when exploring the site and that the response time is satisfactory. On the other hand, the first step in a performance test iteration is knowing where you want to start.

Moreover, performance tests cover a broad context and may include different variables other than the load. Establishing a baseline measurement is therefore essential. It is also necessary to ensure the good health of the architecture: either by positioning probes and aggregating the condition of the tests with the harvested metrics or by manually assessing the ping monitoring and thereby empirically determining the load that the architecture can support.

As an illustration, Google can expect millions of users to perform parallel data queries and can set goals for its system that are less than half a second faster. We will see in the last phase that we must change only one parameter in our order for each test. Also, we must not forget that the management of a cache has a cost and therefore the results may be distorted. Also, view this link for more data.

Furthermore, you should be aware that there are different phases of a project and you need to be sure that you are carrying out a performance study for each of the stages. Also, errors can easily be detected using tools, offering the possibility to perform a static analysis of the application’s web pages to collect metrics such as the weight of JavaScript or CSS files on a page. Furthermore, you will be able to detect potential problems when displaying a web page, such as the detection of unused resource declarations. Also, view this link for more data.

There is also an open source Java framework to test cases in the form of Java scripts and to distribute their execution on different threads and different test machines. Remember, some websites or web applications are likely to experience heavy traffic or even generate a heavy load for the technical architecture. Therefore, these types of tests make it possible to highlight the sensitive and critical points of the technical architecture.

However, it is common to see memory restraints occurring after an extended system activity that may be related to a phenomenon produced by a particular event. Remember, a load balancing test consists in requesting an architecture, a site or a web application in the same way as in an operational situation.

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The importance of speed hump in maintaining the safety of roads


School zone, as well as other crowdy places, is the most important place which one must take care of. The drivers drive their vehicles so fast that it may cause accidents and injure students and other people. It can also take lives of them if not proper measures are taken.  Traffic Logix is offering with speed hump which can reduce the chances of accidents in such crowdy areas.

Speed Humps

There was a recycling of rubber speed humps by Traffic Logix. This is one of the most important equipment to calm the traffic solutions. According to the width of the road, the installation takes place. They mainly deal with the situation of slowing the cars down. The speed humps are ideal for residential roads and have the capability of slowing down the cars. It can slow down the cars to 10-20 mph.

The installation of speed hump must take place in series in order to increase its efficiency. They are the best at placing mid-intersection. Speed humps are made of interlocking units which can snap together in a simple manner. Traffic Logix speed humps are very useful. They are easy and are quick to install. There are basically two different heights. One is 3’’ and the other is 4’’. The installation according to length is 7’ and 14’. They can effectively slow down the cars and so they ensure safety to the neighbourhood roads. There are markings on the speed humps which takes place during the time of making. Reflecting materials are in white or yellow squares. White arrows are also there as a reflective material.

Some of the important and unique features of speed humps

Some important features of speed hump include-

  • There are basically compels having curve shape which is having the capability of lowering down the speed of cars.
  • According to the design point of view, they are having interlocking, puzzle piece design.
  • They are made in such a way that they become highly visible to the drivers. Highly visible along with a bright highway tape.
  • It does not cause any kind of harm to the environment and is basically environment-friendly.
  • The most important point is that it is easy and quick to install.
  • You can easily customize the sizing and taping of the speed hump.

So all these features make it an important part of the traffic safety equipment for ensuring safety in roads.

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Great Tips to a Successful Customs Brokerage Process


International trade gets regulated with a variety of trade laws and tariffs. These are set by countries as a way to control the movement of goods across borders. Due to the complexity of international trade, many companies choose to outsource things. They use the services of external customs clearance experts called customs brokers. To do this job, brokers must be familiar with the intricacies of the customs brokerage process.

Different trade laws and tariffs are being regulated by the international trade. These are set by countries to enable them to monitor and control the goods across borders.

It is because of the complexness of the international trade that many companies decide to use external services. That’s why it is necessary to get your self-acquainted with an expert custom broker.

What Exactly Is Customs Brokerage?

Custom brokers supersede and supervise the import of goods on behalf of their clients. This process is known as customs brokerage. Clearit USA is an established company that offers great brokerage services and have all the required license needed to run.

These Are Some Of The Things Custom Brokers Do To Warrant A Quick And Streamline Custom Brokerage Process.

#1: Going Digital

You know that times are changing,likewise, the ways business are conducted and organized. Digital technology has come to make things easier and faster. Management of custom paper works, submission of documents, tracking goods on the move and lot of other things can be done with reliable digital solutions.

#2: Be Diligent

One good thing about brokers is that they do their homework very well, this is to see that imports go smoothly without hiccups. They make sure they review all applicable regulations and obtain comprehensive pieces of information about the shipments and see that they meet on set deadlines on submissions of paperwork.

#3: Know The Type Of Import

Some goods come with restrictions, this is why it is important to check if there are any restrictions and special requirements. Examples: alcohol, animal products, weapons, certain drugs need special import licenses. Some countries have prohibited certain products from being imported.

#4: Incomplete Documents Will Further Delay Your Imports

Making sure your documents are complete and submitted on time will make the whole process go smoothly. Incomplete documents can incur fines, and cargo can get damaged in the process as a result of the delay in clearance.

If your goods are special, make sure you obtain its permits and have a detailed description of goods, packing list, bills of lading, certificate of origin and necessary government regulations also be acquired.

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Turn Up Employee Engagement in 2018


In 2017 your employees, as usual, completed HR-conducted surveys.

Satisfaction surveys, exit surveys, kiosk surveys, etc. Your HR compared the data to 2016, or to previous benchmarks. You held focus groups and hosted luncheons, recognized employees-of-the-month, and conducted end-of-the-year interviews. In 2017 these engagement initiatives did what they had always done before: kept your company’s engagement level flat.

Time for A Shakeup

Why not implement a fresh initiative that will increase engagement? Start by asking yourself a simple question. “What comes first in my company — sales numbers or engagement numbers?”

Here is some eye-popping engagement data (per Gallup):

  • Organizations that score in the top 25% for engagement have 21% more profit and 22% more product than organizations that score in the BOTTOM 25% for engagement.

There’s a lot more data on this but we only need to consider the following:

  • When salespeople give just 10% more effort, customers spend 22.7% more money.

If fixing engagement wasn’t the priority in your company, it needs to be going forward.

The 2018 Stay Interview Action Plan

Getting everyone involved in engagement, from CFO’s to managers leads to higher engagement, to employees giving extra effort every single day. Here are 5 straightforward steps to make it happen:

  1. Involve Your CFO. Show your CFO the correlation between engagement and the bottom line. Make sure they see it’s not a mere HR-metric. Grab your calendar and firm up some dates for your CFO to meet with your executive team to start sharing this vital information. The executive team needs to hear that engagement has a profound effect on your company’s bottom line. Several meetings over the next few months are needed to emphasize, and reemphasize, that message.
  2. Teach your #1 team what drives engagement. Show your best sales team the Gallup data on the correlation of strong relationships between supervisors and employees, relationships based on trust, and higher engagement levels.
  3. Evaluate current plans.Executives need to look at management action plans and ask themselves whether the plans will foster stronger relationships based on trust between managers and employees. Stay Interviews areengagement-fixing tools for building stronger relationships.
  4. Schedule quarterly surveys.Managers, like employees, need to be held accountable. More and more companies are surveying 25% of their employees on a quarterly basis. This way managers are evaluated every 90 days rather than 6 months or a year.
  5. Set goals.Your company has sales goals, service goals, and cost-cutting goals. What about engagement goals? Set definite goals and hold your managers accountable for meeting them.

Your company’s goal in 2018 should be to increase engagement. Implement your Stay Interview action plan and watch engagement levels soar.

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Importance Of Online Reputation Management Solutions


There is an old saying that says “it takes years to make things right but only a few minutes to tear them apart.” It also goes with maintaining the online reputation. You might have seen some brands suffering all because of their bad repo in the market. As compared to print media, the social media and news these days can spread much faster about an organization and can tear-down the reputation in minutes on the internet. One single negative review, a bad headline or comment, and a malicious blog post, and people start imitating and making wrong judgments over the news without thinking about it once.

To suppress the bad news of an organization, the concerned ones can update the fresh and positive news, blogs, social media posts, tweets, etc. that will help them make a clear vision to the people about the brand content. There are some websites and certified companies that can help you in repairing the bad online reputation of your brand with the help of their SEO services and other effective services.

How Is ORM Helpful In The Age Of Google?

In the early days, repairing the online reputation was clear cut and simple where people could spam the content with stuffing keyword in them, but now, after Google became aware of these things, it changed the algorithms and people who repeat the spamming process get penalized. The solution to this problem is to submit the blog posts and fresh articles that are relevant to the topic and add value to the website.

The relevant SEO articles and blogs get high publicity and come on the top list of the search engine by decreasing the negativity.


  •    Submitting effective blog posts that are both attractive and informative will help in pulling down the unwanted online reviews on your website.
  •    One of the most effective platforms to repair online reputation is social media. The social media sites provide the highest visibility level, and people are always online on some or the other media types. With the help of personal social media accounts or groups, one can submit good content and remove the negativity from the minds of people.
  •    Another important way to repair online reputation is press releases. If you publish new stories and even information about the brand or company, you can remain in the headlines and top all the search engines.

How To Respond To Criticism?

When people respond to the criticism of their respective brands, they tend to make serious mistakes especially at the time of responding to the negative criticism. It is important that when you respond to the bad reviews make sure you do not use offensive language or use any uncertain tone to reply. Make sure you do not mention any form of negativity in your SEO blog posts or large reviews as it will impact on your website’s ranking. Make your posts interactive as this way you can rank in the top of the search engine result pages.

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