What are recruiters for IT and what do they do


Recruiters often called head hunters are in the business of finding candidates for jobs that these candidates are fit for. IT recruiters do the same thing, but they work exclusively with tech companies and they themselves need to be well qualified so that they can evaluate the available candidates and pick the right one. They might fill permanent or temporary project based positions depending on the needs of their clients.

How recruiters work

They are approached by clients with particular requirements; and the IT recruiter screens candidates to find the people who are best suited for the jobs based on their skills, as well as their ability to work in a certain working environment. They will screen a large number of candidates for a position, and the candidates who pass the first level of screening will then be called in for interviews with the client’s representatives. The final decision lies with the client as to who they would or wouldn’t recruit.

Once a candidate is chosen for the job, the New York IT Recruiters will then provide the candidate with the remuneration details for the job and will also act as a liaison between the company and the candidate if any negotiation is to be done over salary or perks.

Qualifications and career opportunities

A graduation degree is a minimum requirement to become a IT recruiter, however technical expertise is also becoming very important now as a recruiter without technical knowledge wouldn’t be much good in picking talented programmers and technical genius from the hopeful candidates. Some companies have recruiters of their own working for them while others outsource their hiring requirements to recruiting companies like New York IT Recruiters who have multiple recruiters working for them, scouring for talent.


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