Ways CRM Tools Can Improve Customer Retention


It’s more cost-effective to advertise services and products to existing customers rather than look for new leads. Therefore, customer retention should be one of the main priorities for your business.

A viable solution is implementing one of the CRM tools out there for businesses to take advantage of. It allows for marketing efforts to be improved without having to spend a lot of extra funds.

In the following article you’ll learn how CRM tools can help improve customer retention regardless of what industry you operate in.

List segmentation

The different customers on your list will not be on the same stage of the sales process. One might be a fresh lead that’s not yet ready to buy, whereas another might be ready to buy.

CRM tools can help you segment the list as required to improve the focus of marketing campaigns. The way the list is segmented is up to you, and a good dose of creativity will yield better results.

Remember that CRM tools are just tools, youstill need to come up with an effective strategy to take the full advantage of a CRMsoftware. The way a list should be segmented will be different for each business based on the products and services.

Analysis of buying patterns

Understanding the buying patterns of the customer means that future targeting can be more specific. A customer might become annoyed if marketing messages are unrelated to their interests. They’ll begin to ignore your messages and run to your competitors that are utilizing target marketing correctly.

CRM tools can analyse buying patterns at scale and provide related products. This improves the amount of value a business can generate from a single customer. After all, repeat sales are typically the lifeblood of a thriving business.

The cost of investing in a CRM tool is outweighed by the increased revenue from up-selling and cross-selling. Therefore, it’s a no brainer to invest in a CRM software package like bpm’online.

Development of value-added products

A CRM system can figure out where products and services can be added to meet the needs of the customer. To improve customer retention you have to give what customers want. Otherwise they will try to get their needs met elsewhere.

Faster response rate

A CRM system allows customer support department to effectively processcustomer requests. The complaints can be categorized and placed in order of urgency. Typically, a CRM system might setup the complaints to be handled in the order they were received.

Customer retention rate will be improved if the customer feelsthat the company cares for the interests and comfort of its customers. Investing in better customer service ensures you have a reputation for looking after your customers.

Track campaign success

By analysing the success of ongoing campaigns you begin to see where the marketing is working. Likewise you can identify the marketing that isn’t working, and even doing damage to your business.

Using CRM for analytics allows you to produce more of the marketing messages that are having a positive effect on your customer base. At the same time your marketing dollar is spent with a higher return.


The tracking of marketing campaigns is an automated process and can therefore be done at scale. For a company that’s experiencing growth this is an advantage. Especially because overheads can be kept at a minimum while the growth occurs.


The use of CRM tools for a modern online business brings massive advantages for customer retention. You cannot keep track of each customer manually so a system must be created to do so automatically. However, the trick is to get this job done without sacrificing ofthe quality of the business-customer relationship.

Take a look at to see the different solutions that bpm’online offers. Making use of these solutionswill improve the customer retention rate to levels you’ve never experienced before.


CRM tools have the means to improve customer retention by collecting accurate customer data, keeping track of marketing campaign results and improving resolutionrates.

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