Venturing in a food business is not only about earning more money but also establishing the legality of such business. It is important to get into details what are the legalities in opening a food business, the area where the shop should be located and the types of licenses and approvals to start the business. Every local authority in your area has its own procedures and requirements in obtaining business license and food license.

Business licenses are issued by the municipal government of each area within their jurisdiction. If for instance you are opening up a catering service whether you are putting up a shop or setting this at home, one has to register with the local government agency under their jurisdiction.

Application for food license

A food business requires a food license and one has to secure the said license for the health and safety of the consumers. The entrepreneur should be liable in getting the details to which he can process the food license. They might get in contact with the food authority in the locality to check with them the requirements in securing the food license. You can obtain the food license application from your local health department; you have to have the name of your food business, the exact address and the owner’s personal information. After completing the application, you can submit this along with the required fee to the health department in the locality.

A health inspector will make a health inspection on the shop or establishment to complete the application. The health inspector is responsible in checking items, cleaning of utensils and proper storage and makes sure that you meet the safety code and standards. The local health department provides the list of local health and safety code. There is a 30 days prior to the opening date that will allow the processing of the application along with the review process on the application.

It is advisable to comply with the laws and its prohibitions pertaining to obtaining a food and business license, in order for your business not to get into trouble with the authorities.

How food safety can affect your food business?

It is important that there is an assurance on the food that the food business is offering. “Food safety” can be obtained with the standards being set and the procedures to be followed; health inspectors will look at the premises; kinds of food that you make or prepare; how everyone works and food safety management system being implemented. Information about the legal requirements on food safety can be found on the website of your local health authority.

If you are based in India, and you are in the food business, the FSSAI or Food and safety standards authority of India – is an organization that regulates and facilitates the food business operators (FBO) in India for the application of food safety and to eliminate anything that is toxic or hazardous.

In terms of high quality on food, with the compliance of FSSAI, the consumers receive the same level of food security.


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