Gathering Volunteers To Donate Money For A Cause


There are two possible ways to fundraise – Online and Offline. There are many ideas to raise money offline like organizing events, car wash etc. One of the best offline fundraising ideas is the very popular laundry detergent fundraiser plans and it is growing in popularity really fast. It is easy to set up and operate. Not many efforts have to be put in explaining the functioning as it is used by every household and everyone is familiar with it. Offline fundraising is great but when everything’s going digital, why not fundraising? The future of online fundraising seems secure. Following are a few points on why online fundraising is gaining popularity and should be your preference over traditional, offline fundraising:-

  • Opportunity

Online fundraising is getting more popular with each passing day. There are increasing numbers of donors online. Moreover, online fundraising has comparatively lower expenses and one can target the audience more efficiently.

  • Tools for Storytelling

There are many tools in the market which can be used to create engaging designs for social media and other platforms. A few of the examples are, Canva and Storify.

  • Payment Mechanisms

Initially, it was considered to be very difficult to make transactions online, but with passage of time, this has become very easy and feasible. One can simply pay with a click of a button. Online payments can be made using debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, online banking etc.

  • Engaged Audience

Now, there are many ways to make the audience engaged and one of them is using tools and social media. Using Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other social media platforms, one can easily build a community and have engaged audience. Also, these platforms have made it very easy for the fundraiser to communicate the message with the donors or collaborators. For example, one can simply broadcast a message on Whatsapp or use the Instagram feature of Stories to communicate.

  • Viral Content

When viral meets charity, magic happens. Online fundraising has a capacity to make campaigns go viral for a cause. It has a wider reach and more number of donors can be attracted. For example, there are many viral campaigns like Movember with a motive of spreading awareness regarding men’s health issues, Ice Bucket Challenge with a motive of spreading a message that a cure to neurodegenerative disease must be found, DogSelfie was initiated when Manchester Dogs’ House was set on fire killing 60+ dogs.

So, with these many benefits of online fundraising, your morale definitely would have got boosted up and you would want to start an online fundraiser immediately but the problem lies in coming up with an idea. Following are a few online fundraising ideas for you to start with:-

  1. Online Auction – It is a public sale and the product is sold to the one who bids the highest.
  2. Apparel Sale – Fund is raised by selling clothes.
  3. Contests – Raise money through entry fee and more.
  4. Videos – Make a video viral just like Ice Bucket Challenge
Jack Logan

The author Jack Logan