Are Some Hiring Processes Considered Too Long? Can This Be A Problem?


There used to be a time where you could walk into any office or restaurant and ask for an application. You’d fill out 1-3 pages of material, and then hand it back. You could complete this in twenty minutes or less, depending on the in-depth nature of the application. That’s just not how it is anymore. Even if you want to apply to America’s first job, being McDonalds, you have 45 minutes or more for intricate application processes. Imagine what it’s like for financial based, degree required positions with hundreds of candidates.

Weeks to Hire

One of the biggest problems is that it can take one or two weeks from the time you hear from a hiring manager to the time when you actually come in to fill out paperwork. From there, it can take even longer. There are just too many hands that information and decisions need to go through. You’d think there would be an easier way with unemployment sitting at a standstill for years and years, but sadly, it’s not the case.

Using the Best Recruiters San Francisco has to Offer

Job recruiters are more in demand than ever before. When you have so many processes and channels to go through, but you need a position to start immediately, you’re just waiting in purgatory while the rest of the world is working. That isn’t fair. Whether it’s in the SF Bay Area, or you’re using the best employment agencies Los Angeles located or otherwise, you need a company that’s going to work tirelessly to match you with the right employers in a short amount of time. You need Beacon Resources.


Heather McWilliams

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